Volume 1 of DSP23 is bursting with digi goodness.

Enjoy meandering through the pages of

3 creatively-unique lessons, 9 eye-opening Variations,

and 3 bonus categories

that focus on blending, brushing, and filtering. 

We're hoping to inspire you to create

a minimum of 10 digital projects in this self-paced class.

Here's what you can expect from

Digital Scrapper Premier 2023, Volume 1:

Create This Page, Step-by-Step, Beginning to End

We'll give you everything you need, including 3 video lessons (for both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements) and a Watch Me Finish bonus tutorial.

Lesson 1, Bursting Background

Combine a selection tool, a distortion filter, and a blend mode to create a background that's bursting with unique creativity.

Lesson 2, Duo-Scattered Dingbats

Use an amazingly-versatile dingbat font to gussy up your scrapbook page by creating a duo-toned scatter.

Lesson 3, Double-Shadowed Dodge & Burn Dingbat

Combine a double custom shadow and a fancy blended dodge and burn workaround to create a lifelike element that will add dimension to your scrapbook page.

Then, Create 9 More Pages!

Each Volume of Premier 2023 also includes 9 variation tutorials cleverly designed to help you take each lesson one step further.

Lesson 1, Variation 1, Varied Bursts

Vary the width and position of the lines from Lesson 1 to create a multitude of bursting background variations.

Lesson 1, Variation 2, Separated & Blended Paper

Utilize the power of Blend Modes to add variety and interest to a plain paper clipped to the separated rays of a bursting background.

Lesson 1, Variation 3, Multiple Patterned Papers

Add super-fun flair to your bursting background by separating the rays and clipping a variety of coordinating patterned papers to support the flow.

Lesson 2, Variation 1, Blended Dingbats

Instead of shadowing the heart scatter, like you did in Lesson 2, make it look soft, subtle, and blended.

Lesson 2, Variation 2, Subject-Matching Dingbat

Change up the dingbat scatter to something that matches or mimics the subject of your page and add additional color to the design.

Lesson 2, Variation 3, Mixed & Matched Scatters

Ramp up a dingbat scatter by using multiple dingbat brushes.

Lesson 3, Variation 1, Double-Stacked Dingbats

Stack two folded dingbats to add a double dose of dimension to your scrapbook page. Then, make everything pop with a custom shadow and the Smudge tool.

Lesson 3, Variation 2, Element Lineup

Arrange a handful of your favorite flat elements in a line, then add a fold, some stitches, and a few fantastically-warped double shadows. The resulting element lineup will be a show-stopping focal point for your scrapbook page.

Lesson 3, Variation 3, Dodge & Burn Elements

Use the handy dodge and burn workaround to add shadows, highlights, and inking to elements in your stash.

But wait . . . there's more!

BONUS 1: Watch Me Finish the Page

We will not only give you all you need to finish your Lesson Page, but we'll show you how to do it and give you step-by-step instructions. You're welcome!

BONUS 2: Square & Portrait-Sized Design Starter Templates

Our Design Starter Templates will help you focus on the focal point of your page, which is your photos. Each template comes in both square and portrait size. You can feel free to keep things simple, or continue adding more to the design for a more elaborate page. There are 6 templates included in this class.

BONUS 3: Challenges, Consultations, & Tons of Inspiration

Every lesson and variation of this class includes a challenge designed to get you thinking outside the box. We've included things to try, ideas for taking it further, and extra page inspiration to get your creative juices flowing. If at any time you are unsure of what to do, your instructors and community are only a click away.

5 Seasoned and Professional Instructors

Jen White, Jenifer Juris, Julie Singco, Carla Shute, and Gina Harper will be walking with you through the pages of Digital Scrapper Premier 2023, Volume 1. With over 35 years of combined teaching experience, this team of Premier instructors brings many different styles and voices to enhance your classroom experience. You're going to LOVE what we will inspire you to create.
This is a self-paced class for Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. Since your enrollment includes Forever Access, you decide when to start and finish the class. All class content is 100% downloadable and comes with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Closed captioning can be enabled when streaming online.

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