Your Priceless Photos Deserve Fabulous Frames

The secrets of fully-customizable fabulous frames
can now be yours.

No more wasting money on non-customizable frames.
No more fumbling for the right techniques.

In just three lessons, you'll gain the foundational skills to propel you into the world of designing fabulous frames
for trendy and modern scrapbook pages.

Lesson 1, Elegantly Framed

Using the Shape tool and a custom stroke style, learn how to create an elegant frame that is so versatile you won’t believe it!
Fully-customizable using textures,
clusters, styles, and masks!
Break out your digital scrapbooking stash to make an unlimited number of variations!

Lesson 2, Geometrically Framed

Create a geometric frame that is not only elegant, but has endless shape
and frame options.
Learn the secrets of nesting frames and working with PS & PSE.
One frame, a million different looks,
so many different options!
This is one of Syndee's most-favorite
geometric-style frames!

Lesson 3, Photo-Spill Frame

Expertly create one of the most popular ways to frame a photo -- a photo-spill frame.
Utilize the class watercolor brushes, along with a stroke outline and a visibility trick, to replicate the trendy look.
It's 100% customizable to the subject of your photo and your own personal tastes.

Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I’m Syndee Rogers and I am so excited to share a few of my frame design secrets with you! As a graphic artist, I not only love creating, but I have a passion for sharing what I create and how to replicate it. In this class, we’ll create both new and trendy frame designs.

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Fabulously Framed Includes:
• 6 videos for both PS & PSE
3 variation-style videos
Step-by-step PDF manuals for both PS & PSE
• 2 watercolor brushes, 1 Swatches set, 1 Styles set, and 10 elements
• Instruction & Inspiration to create 4+ digital projects
• 100% downloadable material in a self-paced format
• Closed captioning (optional) while streaming
• Syndee's Keep It Tidy System for organization
• Our 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee
• Instant & FOREVER Access
• Private class forum

This class only supports Photoshop Elements 2020 & newer and Adobe Photoshop.