This class only supports Procreate for iPad.

Itching to be more creative with your iPad?
Procreate for iPad is the most powerful
and intuitive drawing app available.
But getting started with Procreate can feel intimidating.
And scrapbooking with Procreate can seem impossible!
In this class, Syndee Rogers will walk you step by step
through the most common and useful tools in Procreate.
By the end of this class, you will have gained a solid foundation
for continuing your Procreate journey.
Even if you've never done anything creative on an iPad before,
YOU can do this!

Why use Procreate* for Scrapbooking & Creativity?

• iPads are small, portable, and designed to be easy to learn.
• Learning Procreate adds to your scrapbooking and creativity options.**
• Developing a new skill boosts confidence and lifts your spirits.
• Knowing Procreate will give you a creative outlet on the go!

* The Procreate app is only available for iPad.
** The Procreate app is not meant to replace Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

Welcome to Intro to Procreate

In the Welcome section of this class
Syndee will show you:

Which iPad Versions Are Compatible With the Procreate App

Includes a list of iPad models that are compatible with the Procreate app, as well as which version of the Apple Pencil works with which model.

Where To Find Procreate and How To Install It On Your iPad

Explains how to find the Procreate app in the App Store
and how to purchase and download it to the iPad.

Intro to Procreate Video Tutorials

Lesson 1: Importing Class Files & Workspace Overview

Learn how to download files onto your iPad
and then import them into the Procreate App.

Walk through an overview of the Procreate interface
and the common Gestures used to work efficiently within the app.

Lesson 2: Adding Color to Artwork

Practice must-know fill techniques by adding color to a coloring page.

Lesson 3: Adding Details to Artwork

Discover the secrets of adding shading and accents
to a project by finishing up the coloring page.

Lesson 4: Exporting and Printing Documents

Get tips and tricks for exporting your creations and printing.

This class only supports Procreate for iPad.

Here's What You Need to Complete This Class

An iPad (check to see if your iPad version will work)

A compatible Apple Pencil

The Procreate app for iPad (available for purchase in the App Store)

NOTE: This class does not include the iPad, Apple Pencil, or Procreate app.

This class only supports Procreate for iPad.

Syndee Rogers has been creating on the iPad for years, and in Procreate for 10 of those. She and her iPad are attached at the hip! She calls it "my office and design studio on the go." As a graphic artist and illustrator, Syndee not only loves creating, but she has a passion for sharing what she loves and gets a kick out of seeing students succeed!

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This class only supports Procreate for iPad.
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