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Life is short. Death is a thief.

Resolve to Tell More Stories

about yourself and your loved ones.

To tell the story of your everyday life using daily descriptive photos,
a priceless collection of tiny stories,
and a handful of beautifully designed scrapbook pages.

You don't have to create one! We've done that for you.
It's a simple 3-step process.

Collect Photos & Tiny Stories
of Everyday Moments

Use our prompts to tell tiny stories and snap everyday photos---or go with the flow and let life inspire you. You decide.

Be a Part of Something Bigger
by Sharing in a Private Forum

Tap into an overflowing source of ideas, inspiration, encouragement, and know-how in the give-and-take style of our private forum.

Memorialize the Memories
by Displaying Them Beautifully

Leave a lasting legacy and better understanding of who you and your loved ones are by adding your everyday stories to a scrapbook.

July Flash Sale | Save 45% (Reg $72) thru July 15, 2024, Midnight Eastern | Enroll Now

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A little more than a handful but not enough to overwhelm you!

Prompt Options That Fit You

Each of my daily photo prompts is packed with three or more options to keep you in the groove and inspired to collect your thoughts and capture everyday images. Sound easy? Well, it is!

• Option 1 will always include your right to go rogue. I want you to capture events in the life of not only you, but also your loved ones.

• Options 2 and 3 are cleverly designed to jump start your imagination and think of ordinary opportunities that you hadn't necessarily thought of before.

Timeline Options That Fit You

My prompts are designed in a daily format, but don't let the "daily" part derail you. You have options! 

• Option 1. Yes, traditionally everyday storytelling is accomplished every day. Do this if you want to capture life as it happens.

• Option 2. With the next week's prompts in hand, you can use them to pound out your everyday life stories all in one day. This puts you in control of your timeline. Plus, if something spectacular happens, you can always replace your photo and story later.

• Option 3. Some people love the thrill of tackling an everyday story project once a month. Sound too frantic for you? Then you are probably an Option 1 or 2 candidate.

Photography Options That Fit You

It doesn't matter if you're a bona fide member of the local camera club or just an old lady with a flip phone. You can perfectly complete the everyday photo portion of this class with my tips and options.
• Option 1. Find photos on the web that best represent your tiny stories.
• Option 2. When a photo is just not practical, screenshots are a girl's best friend. They are my besties.
• Option 3. Flip that phone around! Selfies can play an essential part in the life of an everyday storyteller.
• Option 4. They say that the best camera to use to capture the moment is the one you have in your hand. Grab the smartphone out of your back pocket or the DSLR out of its trusty camera bag and snap the photo already!

Delivery Options That Fit You

You're going to want our prompts--well, because they are a lifesaver. But how you get those prompts is up to you. Choose to get your prompts:
• once a day in the Private Class Forum.
• once a week in your inbox.
• or, once a month in the classroom.

Storytelling Options That Fit You

You don't have to write the thousand words that each of your photos is worth. All I'm asking of you is a tiny story. But even then, you have options. Choose to tell the story of each of your everyday photos: 
• with just facts, ma'am, just the facts. Keep it short. Keep it tiny. No need to spill your guts. No need to be funny or clever.
• with a moderate amount of fanfare. Embellish your facts with visual words that help your readers to get the picture in a more vibrant way.
• with rows and rows of rambling. Unravel the details of your everyday photo in a thread of words that touch on all the five senses and pull at every cord of your heartstrings.

ATTENTION: This class will not teach you how to be a better storyteller.
To learn more about storytelling, watch for a new class by Karen Schulz
called Kaleidoscope of Memories coming Spring of 2024.

Pretty Display Options That Fit You

I am hoping to see your everyday photos and stories in Community, but besides that, you will likely want to do something with them that looks pretty and lasts forever.
• Option 1. You can put your photos and tiny stories on a blog or other social media. This option is great for the no-frills storyteller who wants their memories to last through the generations.
• Option 2. Display your photos and tiny stories beautifully by choosing from my selection of starter templates. There are several styles to choose from, and all allow you to save brain space by using the same template over and over and over again.
• Option 3. Do your own thing and create beautiful pages as you go. This will give you the most flexibility.

Only YOU can decide if this class is for you.

If you do NOT like to take photos, then this class might not be for you.
Although I'll tell you, every little story doesn't necessarily need to have a photo attached.

If you do NOT like to tell stories, then this class might not be for you.
Although, the stories we'll tell in this class will be tiny and nearly effortless. I think
I can teach you how to learn to enjoy storytelling.

If you have antique software, then you CAN still take this class!
You just won't be able to use the provided templates.
(Antique = PSE15 and earlier)

July Flash Sale | Save 45% (Reg $72) thru July 15, 2024, Midnight Eastern | Enroll Now

When is the first and last day of class?

Technically, there is no start and end.

Prompts will start dripping into class starting January 1, 2024.
BUT, you can start an everyday life journey any day of the year.
If you start after January 1, there's no need to back up or catch up,
just start with the current day's prompts and go from there.

Prompts will stop dripping into class on December 31, 2024.
BUT, you can stop before that or even continue on by recycling the prompts.

With many different prompt options per day, you can do this class over and over for years and never repeat a photo or tiny story.

Hi, I'm Jen White, and telling stories is what I'm all about. 

My children and grandchildren will know the big events in my life and theirs because I've made sure to document them. But sadly, a lot of little things got left behind in that process. In this class, I'm going to walk with you to document the little things in life that mean a LOT to those who come behind you.
Together we can do great things.

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More FAQs About
Stories, My Everyday Life

INCLUDES: Over 700 photo prompts, 4 styles of 12x12 grayscale templates, a Private Class Forum, a vibrant gallery, Forever Access, and our 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

In 2024, the My Everyday Life prompts will be AVAILABLE WEEKLY. For example, you will get access to June prompts the week prior to June 1, 2024. NOTE: Starting in 2025, all prompts will be available for download at the start of class.

The TEMPLATES in this class include grouped layers. If your software doesn't support layer grouping, then you will not be able to use the templates.

The ACTION SET included will only work with Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

Questions? Contact Jen White.

July Flash Sale | Save 45% (Reg $72) thru July 15, 2024, Midnight Eastern | Enroll Now

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