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Don't let confusion or fear
of advanced Camera Raw tools
keep you from fixing problem photos
or achieving a particular trendy look.

Recover Lost Details

Become proficient at using
Camera Raw's powerful tools
to turn problem photos
into priceless memories.

Brighten Shadowed Areas

Make Eyes Sparkle

Your flat and lifeless photos
will be transformed
into storytelling masterpieces.

Play With Color

Add Life by Changing the Color of the Light

Hi, my name is Jenifer Juris and I'll be your instructor for this course.

I joined the Digital Scrapper team of instructors back in 2015 and have since taught many classes.

I have a huge passion for digital photography and photo editing. They are what first brought me to the digital scrapbooking world.

After years of honing my Adobe Camera Raw skills, I'm excited to share my passion with you in this class.

Recover Shadows or
Make Photos Look More Like Real Life

Part 1: Fixing Challenging Photos

Master advanced tools by making edits
step-by-step along with your instructor.

Gain confidence & feel like a Camera Raw pro!

Minimize Blemishes

Correct Perspective Issues

Part 2: Making Creative Edits

Harness the power and imagination behind
5 creative panels in Camera Raw
to recreate trendy styles and presets.

Easily get the look you're after!

Make Things Light and Bright

Make Colors Pop

Your priceless family memories deserve to look their best and complement your beautiful scrapbook pages---but knowing how to correct problem areas or apply artistic edits can be a challenge.

In Part 1: Fixing Challenging Photos, advanced Camera Raw tools will become easy to understand and apply. You will:
• study each advanced tool and understand how it works and when to apply it.
• practice your new skills with instructor-led practice sessions.
• lock in your knowledge with additional self-led lessons.

In Part 2: Making Creative Edits, the mystery behind artistically styled photos will be revealed. You will:
• utilize 5 powerful panels that house amazing creative potential.
• recreate 12+ artistic photo styles with instructor-led assistance.
• solidify the process of "getting the right look" with additional homework and preset knowledge.

Adobe Camera Raw confidence is right around the corner. Your photos will thank you.

Add a Film-Like Finish

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