One Fabulous Tool for a Million Fabulous Uses

You've avoided the Pattern Stamp Tool
for far too long!

Painting With Patterns will gently guide you through settings, brushes, patterns, papers, and more!

Master the magic of the Pattern Stamp Tool
and see how easy it is to turn strokes and stamps
into stunning scrapbook pages.

Hi, I’m Syndee Rogers and I am so excited to be your guide as we paint with patterns! As a graphic artist and illustrator, I use brushes and patterns extensively in my work. The Pattern Stamp Tool brings those two tools together in the most delightful way and I can’t wait to share my design secrets with you in this class!

Section 1: Brushes & Patterns
A Match Made in Scrapbook Heaven

Become acquainted with the Pattern Stamp Tool
by creating a variety of digital overlays and papers.

Lesson 1-1: Say Hello
to the Pattern Stamp Tool

Demystify the Pattern Stamp Tool with the help of a seasoned graphic designer.

Lesson 1-2: Painting Patterns
with the Pattern Stamp Tool

Using the Pattern Stamp Tool along with a set of dynamic brushes to transform an existing paper
7 different looks.

Lesson 1-3: Stamping Patterns
with the Pattern Stamp Tool

Use a set of stamp-style brushes with the Pattern Stamp Tool to create 4 variations of a layered patterned paper.

Enhance your design skills.

Includes 15 brushes, 19 patterns, and 7 papers!

Lesson 1-4: Creating Tattered
& Torn Papers

Transform a patterned paper into 6 different tattered and worn variations using the Pattern Stamp Tool. You won't believe how easy it is!

Tune up your paper-making skills. Includes both beginner and advanced techniques!

Learn how to rotate brushes right inside the tool. (PSE: Get 3 workarounds.)

Lesson 1-5: Creating Patterns
Using Digital Papers

Learn how easy it is to transform a digital paper into a pattern, plus gain tips on what types of papers to choose.

Combine multiple patterns with ease.

Lesson 1-6: Create a
Collage-Style Paper

Grasp the versatility of painted-pattern layers as you learn how to use them as repeatable overlays for a completely different look.

Transform existing digital papers into multi-patterned variations.

Use painted pattern layers
as overlays and clipping masks!

Section 2: Beautiful Blending

Uncover some unexpected secrets of the Pattern Stamp Tool.

Lesson 2-1: Blended Masks

Use grayscale textures to unleash the secret identity of the Pattern Stamp Tool:
the magical mask maker.

Create watercolor masks using the Pattern Stamp Tool along with a watercolor texture.

Lesson 2-2: Painting with Photos

Painting and stamping with papers and textures isn't all the the Pattern Stamp Tool can do!

In this lesson, you'll discover the fun of painting with photos.

5 practice photos included!

Lesson 2-3: Blended Pages

Use the Pattern Stamp Tool to build a blended scrapbook page from scratch!

Perfect for heritage layouts.

Section 3: Focused Painting With Patterns

Learn how magical the Pattern Stamp tool is when paired
with the Lasso Tool and Magic Wand Tool.

Lesson 3-1: Painting on Selections

Use the Pattern Stamp Tool along with
the Lasso Tool to create elements that look handmade.

Paint on selections with ease.

Lesson 3-2: Multi-Pattern Rainbow

See how fun and easy it is to use the Pattern Stamp Tool along with an embellishment template to create a multi-patterned rainbow.

Lesson 3-3: Painting Patterns
on Templates

Use the Pattern Stamp Tool to add patterns to templates! This can speed up your workflow, cut down on layers, and save on file size.

Lesson 3-4: Painting Patterns
on Letters

Paint multiple patterns and textures on letters to create a unique title.

Section 4: Creative Ways
to Use the Pattern Stamp Tool

Discover additional creative ways to make the most of the Pattern Stamp Tool.

Lesson 4-1: Create a Painted Cluster

Use the Pattern Stamp Tool to build painted clusters from the ground up.

Lesson 4-2: Quick Change Artist
Transform your Embellishments

Learn how to transform an existing embellishment using the Pattern Stamp Tool.

Transform letters, shapes, and elements from your own stash using this fun technique.

Lesson 4-3: Patterned Paper Bits

Quickly add patterns to paper bits, and then create a patterned-stamped paper bit from scratch.

Lesson 4-4: Victorian Collage Paper

Using a vintage roses background and the Pattern Stamp Tool, create 2 versions of a Victorian collage-style paper!

As a memory keeper, I understand the desire to capture your memories and stories, and share them in a meaningful way.  And as an artist and designer, I understand the need for a creative outlet. Painting With Patterns was created with those two things in mind. Here’s an overview of how this class works:

In Section 1, I'll thoroughly explain the Pattern Stamp tool while helping you create a treasure trove of multi-patterned digital papers.

Next, in Section 2, I'll reveal unexpected secrets of the Pattern Stamp tool while you learn to create watercolor masks and discover how to paint with photographs.

Then, in Section 3, I'll show you how magical the Pattern Stamp tool is when it's paired with the Lasso and Magic Wand tool. The projects in this section are super fun!

And finally, in Section 4, I'll teach additional creative ways to use the Pattern Stamp Tool, from masks to embellishments to collages.

Enroll today to begin this creative journey with me.

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1 word art, 1 style set, 1 template & 5 photos
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Syndee's Keep It Tidy System for organization
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