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Admire bold and busy patterned papers,
only to end up sticking with something
more safe and sensible on your scrapbook pages?

In this class, you will finally use
the bold and busy backgrounds
from your stash (and mine)
to add variety, color, and out-of-the-box beauty
to your stories and scrapbooks.

Section 2, Lessons 1-3

Get off to a fast start
by following my tips and tricks
for daring designs done right.

Lesson 1: Fail-proof Tips for Bold & Busy Success
Lesson 2: Stopping the Chaos of Bold & Busy Papers
Lesson 3: Chaos Challenge

Section 2, Lessons 4-6

Master the two hot design topics
of balance and focal point.

These lessons are game changers!

Lesson 4: Balancing Extra Big Patterns
Lesson 5: Conquering Irregular Patterns
Lesson 6: Three Irregular Patterns Challenges

Section 2, Lessons 7-9

Place your photos and pair your papers
with style and design savviness.

It's easy when using my smart tricks.

Lesson 7: Placing Photos on Bold & Busy Backgrounds
Lesson 8: Placing & Pairing Patterned Papers
Lesson 9: Placing & Pairing Challenge

Section 3, Lessons 1-2

Give your brain a break!
Calm the chaos, but keep the clever pattern.

You'll want to take your time with this treasure box!

Lesson 1: Taming with Blended & Textured Vellum
Lesson 2: Blended & Textured Vellum Challenge

Section 3, Lessons 3-4

Go from bold and busy
to chic and trendy in a matter of minutes.

Boatloads of applicable uses
for your edge-to-edge patterned papers.

Lesson 3: Taming with Painted Wood
Lesson 4: Painted Wood Challenge

Section 3, Lessons 5-6

Page titles can add calm or chaos to a page.

Be intentional with these calming title tricks
for your bold and busy backgrounds.

Lesson 5: Taming with Intentional Titling
Lesson 6: Intentional Titling Challenge

Section 4, Lessons 1-5

Dazzling designs are often obtained
by deconstructing bold and busy backgrounds.

The overlay possibilities in these lessons
will knock your socks off!

Lesson 1: Extracting Bold & Busy Patterns, Magic Wand Easy
Lesson 2: Extracting Bold & Busy Patterns, Magic Wand Intermediate
Lesson 3: Extracting Bold & Busy Patterns, Threshold Adjustment
Lesson 4: Overlays & the Layers Panel
Lesson 5: Overlays & the Layers Panel Challenge

Section 4, Lessons 6-7

With magic layer styles and some style savviness,
you will use your transforming powers
to turn bold and busy into daring and delightful.

Lesson 6: Overlays & Layer Styles
Lesson 7: Overlays & Layer Styles Challenge

Section 4, Lessons 8-9

It's a good thing this is the last lesson,

because it's highly addicting and over-the-top fun.

Lesson 8: Extracting Patterns for Elements

Lesson 9: Extracting Patterns Challenge

Over 40 scrapbook pages shown for inspiration

using 20 of my favorite designers from around the web.

I know you are the kind of person who wants to use the bright and beautiful colors and patterns in your bold and busy paper stash. In order to do that, however, you sometimes need extra inspiration, step-by-step instruction, and/or expert guidance.

The problem is, bold and busy papers can be troublesome, which makes you feel overwhelmed and apt to give up. I understand how it feels to be overwhelmed, but I believe using bold and busy backgrounds can be easy. That’s why I created Taming Bold & Busy Backgrounds.

Here’s what’s included in this class:

  • Section 2 will get you off to a fast start by following my tips and tricks for daring designs done right.
  • Section 3 will show you how to calm the chaos of a bold and buys papers without losing the clever pattern.
  • And Section 4 will show you how to construct dazzling designs by deconstructing bold and busy backgrounds.

You’ll get 15 video lessons, 5 bonus videos, and 11 challenge videos, as well as step-by-step pdf manuals and a private gallery and forum. Enroll today, so you can stop avoiding bold and busy backgrounds and start using them with skill and confidence.

  • Is this class beyond your skill level? No. All our classes are designed with the beginner in mind, taking you step-by-step through the entire process.

  • Don't have time to take this class? No problem! Our classes include FOREVER ACCESS. You decide when to start and when to stop.

  • Is the class too expensive? While we do try to keep our value high and our prices low, we do offer payment plans for those on a budget.

  • Afraid you won't like the class? Don't be. We have a 30 day, money back, no questions asked, guarantee on all our courses.

  • Worried you won't be able to keep up with the pace of other students? No worries. There's no pressure to keep up. You can learn online or offline. All content is fully downloadable.

Hi, I'm Jen White, owner of Digital Scrapper and instructor for Taming Bold & Busy Backgrounds.

Just like you, I am a lifetime learner who loves to scrapbook. And just like you, I have oodles of bold and busy background papers that can be tricky to tame and use on a scrapbook page.

In this class, I'll be using my passion and talent to help you see your papers from a different perspective. This will be the most inspiring and fun-filled class you've ever taken!

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