Some downloaded Photoshop actions
are drop-dead simple.

Others are just not intuitive,
especially when using them for scrapbooking.

Tooned for Adobe Photoshop

will take the guesswork out of
Adobe Create Magazine's Toon Artist action
and set you up for amazing scrapbooking success.

Here's What To Expect

Section 1: Play the Toon Artist Action

Biggest Problem: Using an action without the right setup.
Don't be that guy.
Let Me Help You
Find and install all the right files.
Create the right setup. Run the action.
And get rid of the YUCK.

Section 2: Understand & Alter the Results

The Toon Artist Action renders
63 different and fully editable layers
inside of 9 different groups.

Would it help to have a tour guide? Yes!

Let Me Help You
Understand what groups relate to what effects on your page.
Dive into the individual layers and see where the very best edits reside.
+ I'll help you make those edits!
Learn which layers are best just left alone!

Section 3: Follow Along & Finish the Design

I don't want you to just run the Toon Artist action.
I want you to use the action to tell your story!

Let Me Help You
See the rendered results as an important part of your overall page design.
Think through why some parts of the Toon Artist effect might need to be altered.
See the whole process all the way to the end.

(The finished page below uses It's Okay by Bellisae Designs. This kit is not included in the download.)

Section 4: Follow Along with Additional Projects

Most digital scrapbookers learn best by doing.
Here in Section 4, I'm going to knock your socks off!

Let Me Help You
Use the provided photos and elements to gain further understanding.
Simplify and solidify the Toon Action process from start to finish
by using my exclusive cheatsheet over and over.
Learn to think WAY outside the box when deciding what photo or element to start with.

(The finished pages below use kits by Little Butterfly Wings, Vicki Robinson, and Kristin Cronin-Barrow.
These kits are not included in the download.)

Perfect for Card Designers!

Oh, and I should mention . . .
The Toon Artist action is perfect for creating greeting cards for any occasion.

Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Jen White, your instructor for this class and the owner of Digital Scrapper. As a lifelong learner, one of my favorite things about Adobe Photoshop is that there's always a super-cool WOW moment right around the corner. 

In amongst the pages of Tooned for Adobe Photoshop, I think you're going to find a lot of those WOW moments as you and I explore the Toon Artist action and what it can do for your scrapbook pages.

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