Perfectly Personal Word Art Terms of Use

Perfectly Personal Word Art Class 

© 2019 Jenifer Juris 

Personal Terms of Use (TOU) 


: use the class files for personal use only 

: use the class files for submissions and publications (online or offline), providing that 

proper credit to the designer is always given. 

: alter the class files to create derivative works. Credit is still required for any and all 

public uses of the altered element. 


: claim the class files as your own. 

: alter the class files to create derivative works and then claim them as your own. 

: share or redistribute the class files in anyway, shape, or form – in person, electronically, or in print, online or offline. 

: offer the class files for download, or otherwise include them in an email group or 

newsgroup for download or copying. 

Thank you for complying with these terms of use. 

Jenifer Juris 

For questions, please contact Jenifer Juris.

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