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Have you ever wondered how Digital Designers create papers for their digital kits? Have you ever wished you could create papers to match a photo or an idea you dreamed up?

Then this class is for you!

Create your own digital papers from scratch and build your Photoshop and Photoshop Elements skills with the help of a seasoned Graphic Artist.

Foundations of Digital Design GraphicI hope you will join me for the very first class in my Foundations of Digital Design Series!

In this series I will take you on a behind the scenes journey into my world as a Professional Designer. Together we'll create fabulous elements, wrangle tools to our every whim (OK, maybe not every whim!). We'll learn cool techniques and build skills using Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. Plus, I will share some of my favorite design secrets! (Shhhhhh - keep that one to yourself!) We'll start with the basics and go on a journey to fabulous!

Papers are the Foundation of a Scrapbook Page

At first glimpse, it might seem that beyond the photos and journaling, the embellishments would be the most important element of your page. But, like a house without a solid foundation - it can crumble down around you, and the same could be said for our scrapbook pages! Oftentimes, a paper and photo together
are enough to create a beautiful page.

The page below is a good example of the photo and paper taking center stage. You will learn how to create edged papers like the one below in the Texturific section of the class!

This class is designed for beginners and beyond, who want to dip their toes in the world of paper design. We'll start with the very basics and build up our skills and go all the way to fabulous! And since we will be creating all of our paper masterpieces as layered files, you will be able to use and customize them to your hearts content! And through it all, I'll be right there by your side! I can't wait to take this paper making journey with you.

Here's What You'll Be Learning In Class

This class is broken up into seven sections:

Section 1: Working with Color

We will start off the class with six fun and easy lessons on color!

Oftentimes color is the first thing that inspires us. Even if it’s an object that seems to catch our eye, chances are that it was the color that first drew us in. Color is the perfect place to jump into the world of paper design!

Section Highlights:

  • I'll take you on a walk through Basic Color Theory with the help of the color wheel.

    Understanding the color wheel and how to use it when creating papers will help you create a pleasing and harmonious color palette. By sharing with you a visual feast of beautiful and colorful images that show the relationship between colors, you'll gain insight and color confidence in an easy to follow format!
  • We'll play with the Color Wheel. In this lesson, we will take the color wheel from colorful to extraordinary in a super fun project. It will help you see color in a whole new light!
  • Once we have a basic understanding of color, I'll show you how to create Color Swatches and a color palette using the Color Palette template included in the class.

  • Then we'll talk inspiration & direction and create a mood board using the included class template. This is not only a helpful tool when gathering inspiration for creating papers, but can also be used to create a super cool layout!

  • I will also touch on choosing and recognizing styles and themes of papers with a fun and quick exercise.

  • By the end of this section you will have not only filled your world with color, but have gained confidence in choosing FABULOUS color combinations for your papers!


The other great thing about all this color goodness? It not only applies to this class, but anything creative! Whether it's choosing colors for a layout or card, matching colors to a photo, creating art - like a painting, and so much more!

Basic Patterns

Section 2: Basic Patterns

In this section we'll befriend the Pattern tool and create 5 basic patterns including dots, stripes, and chevron patterns. These are a great basic set of patterns to have in your paper making arsenal.

We'll create overlays with transparent backgrounds that can then be layered over or blended into all types of backgrounds. Think of it as building components to help create papers and other elements.

I'll teach you how to modify them, save them as native pattern files, easily add or change color and more! There's a total of 7 videos in this section.

Basic 2 Fab

Section 3: From Basic To Fabulous

In this section we'll take our patterns from Basic to Fabulous! But fabulous doesn’t have to mean complicated. Were going to build on the patterns we already created to expand our paper making skills.

Section Highlights:

  • Take your dots from basic to darling! Learn to take your previous patterns, deconstruct them and add multiple colors.

  • We'll go mad for plaid! I'll teach you how fun and easy it is to create a Plaid design using one of your previous patterns.

  • I'll show you that 'hacks' aren't just for Pinterest and share my Color and Pattern hacks to speed up your paper making!

  • And we will learn that sometimes 'Blending In' is better than standing out in this lesson on how to make our Plaid shine with one quick tweak!

Section 4: Shape it Up

By now we're quickly becoming best friends with the Pattern tool, and the fun continues!

Section Highlights:

  • Learn to pair the Pattern and Custom Shape tools and continue to build not only your paper arsenal - but your confidence in Photoshop!

  • Find out why diamonds are a girls best friend when we use the Ellipse and Custom Shape tools to create a fun pattern!

  • You'll also learn how to take your Plaid design from good to great!

Section 5: Ways To Use Patterns

Now that we have built our library of basic and beyond patterned overlays - I will teach you creative ways to use them beyond just adding color!

Section Highlights:

  • Learn how layering multiple patterns together is not only fun but shows you the versatility of your patterns when paired with the power of PS/PSE!

  • We’ll play with Patterns, Textures, and Filters! I’ll show you how to pair your patterned overlays with the Tools in Photoshop & Photoshop Elements to make them really shine!

  • And for even more paper making goodness - I’ll show you how to make the Gradient tool your friend! Go beyond just using the Gradient Presets and create and save your own custom Gradients.

Section 6 & 7: Texturific

Get ready for some serious awesomeness in this section! This is where I will teach you how to create amazing textures while reining in the tools already available to us and building our skills in Photoshop & Photoshop Elements. It’s a win/win! This section is jam packed with 11 lessons of creative goodness! (2 of which are BONUS lessons)

Section Highlights:

  • Create Textures from scratch using Filters and Brushes. Textures make great papers on their own, but are so much more than that!

  • I’ll show you how to modify and save brushes already available in PS/PSE to create your own set of texture brushes.

  • Then we’ll go a step further to modify and save brushes included in the Class Downloads for even more texture making fun!

  • W’ell move on to a fun and fabulous and oh so easy way to blend our patterns and textures together in delightful ways!

  • I will teach you my method for creating edged paper designs that are beyond versatile! You can use this method to create a multitude of paper styles or themes, from artsy to heritage and more.

  • Learn how to grunge up your paper designs in a non-destructive way that’s so fun you wont believe how easy it is!

You'll also receive 2 BONUS lessons!

  • Learn more cool ways to mix up your patterns to create completely new ones!

  • In this BONUS lesson we'll create a soft and pretty lace paper with the help of one of our Class Brushes!

  • PLUS! At the end of the class there's a surprise BONUS waiting for you!

Your Instructor

Syndee Rogers
Syndee Rogers

Syndee Rogers is a licensed artist and illustrator who specializes in digital art, watercolor, graphic design, and iPad creativity. With over 25 years experience creating and teaching art, as well as collaborations with arts and crafts companies, she's adapted to the changing trends of the art world, using several styles and mediums across different platforms. She loves anything kitschy, books old and new, and a good cup of tea.

This class was filmed in Photoshop Elements, but the instructions are exactly the same in Adobe Photoshop unless where noted. The videos and manuals contain specific instruction for Photoshop.

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